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Moose Knuckles is born of Canadian heritage, personality, sports, and leisure from our nation’s obsession with ice hockey, to our reputation as the class clown of the global schoolhouse. Moose Knuckles is ballsy and playful with a ‘no holds barred’ kind of attitude. Moose Knuckles is a premium sportswear brand that updates time-honored Canadian garments for the tastes and expectations of an urban market.

Born from subzero temperatures and powerful arctic winds comes ICYCLING: Part motor racing, part windsurfing, completely heroic. But this isn’t for the weak. It’s not for the average hoser living in their parents’ basement. It’s not even for the hockey stick swinging stereotypical canuck. This is a revolution. We are not our ancestors and forefathers. We are the forgotten offspring of the disenfranchised youth, left out in the cold and more raw than anything an inuit could eat. They say everything moves slow when it’s 40 below, yet we trail blaze through the pure white snow leaving nothing behind but flames and glory. We don’t do this for accolades or tiny plastic trophies that rest on our fireplace mantles. We do this for immortality. We are smoother than the finest canadian whisky and sweeter than a gallon of pure maple syrup. Welcome to canada. Now start your engines.

Shot on location at Crystal Lake, Ontario, Canada
An amazing production with amazing people!

Concept Design: Will Poho
Coat Design: Will Poho
Photography: Matt Barnes
Art Direction: Will Poho; Taylor David; TOS
Copy Writer: Francesco Grandi

• 2013 / 2014

Jack of trade: Art Director, Design, Model
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