What happens when Matt Barnes takes some dirt bikes and pretty dudes out to Gopher Dunes for a day? The answer? A big ol’ blast of photogasm simply titled, 2 Stroke. Always one for a visual aide, Matt brought along Mike from Spot Cinema to shoot some footage over the course of the day. A quick word from the Spot gang before we get to the first of 2 videos for your viewing pleasure.

Matt aimed to create a shoot with a late sixties-mood, so while maintaining high resolution and image sharpness, we played around with various filters, colour combinations, speeds and frame rates to achieve that feel. While working on a behind-the-scenes video, we produced a short sampler to help us choose the colour and effects treatment for our piece. We couldn’t decide on what look we liked best, so we featured the piece with a number of different treatments. Our sampler turned into a post-worthy exhibit, and is now one of our very own little look books; showcasing some epic footage of the boys, their toys and some dramatic golden sun!

• 2011

Jack of trade: Model, Actor

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!

Spot Cinema had the pleasure of capturing Matt Barnes and team on set at Gopher Dunes (Courland Ontario), to film a few boys with their toys
play in the golden sun! A 60's/70's era shoot with a few male models, vintage motorbikes, a smoke machine and the American Flag!
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2 Stroke 
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Moose Knuckles S/S 2015 
Moose Knuckles F/W 2014 
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Another Side Walk 
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The 67' Raglan Sweater 
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The Art of Break Taking 
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