jacksmith (n) a master artisan with an unmistakable piratic style who creates; a highly skilled visual craftsman, adept in myriad tools of production and design, who transforms unrefined ideas into cultivated, seductive works of art; an aesthetic explorer who tirelessly hunts for inspiration, seeking to forge new horizons in creative life and imagination that both advance his trade and elevate humanity; jacksmith is a true maker’s maker; an eccentric mix of the mundane and the extraordinary; a jack of all trades.

has natural creative sense (75 ml 2.5 fl OZ).
suffers from the Kavorka.
is married to the planet.
wonders why the rum is always gone.
wishes he lived in Jumanji.
travels in large groups of one.
is 71% water. 29% sweetheart.
has ordained originality.
is doing 30 something to life.
is savvy fuk.
likes to push the boundaries, right off a cliff.
is in a perpetual state of utopia & melancholy.
is colourful.
tried to moonwalk but ended up on mars.
was conceived in 1979.
is into the wild.
lives to create and procreate.
forgot to remember but didn't remember to forget.
saw a man using an empty whiskey flask as a walkie-talkie.
can't be bothered.
is an endless box of emotion.
should have been Californicating during the 1960's.
is 401 west.
wears international underwear.
grows his own mangos.
is a Pirate of the South Pacific.
wishes they all could be California girls.
loves beach hair.
cultivates brands.
is co-founder of the RTRC (Radder Than Rad Committee).
has been known to steal the soul of women with a mere glance.
is not Justin-Bobby.
speaks Australian fluently.
loves to surf.
never stands on escalators.
is tanned as beach, brah.
is a pixel junkie.
is interested in everything and committed to nothing.
was stuck in a tropical typhoon in Fiji.
sky dived 14,000ft over the Great Barrier Reef.
worked as an avocado packer.
was hit by a car 1989.
is Toronto inked.
is the Soup Nazi of bartending.
enjoys Mexican restaurants in Detroit.
played James Dean's red jacket in Rebel Without a Cause.
has great parents.
has been known to accidentally time travel.
has a soft spot for old people.
wants a house on the beach.
has swashbuckling is in his lineage.
is ten years behind.
is a jacket whore.
is effortless classy.
is nautical by nature.
visits at least 3 different countries a year.
has seen Pearl Jam live 7 times.
is the guy your parents warned you about.
drives like the wind.
has won multiple halloween costume contests.
only wears Ray-Bans.
is cool hand Luke.
has won multiple illustration awards.
is aka Jack Greystone.
loves summer storms.
is made in Canada.
is funnier than you'll ever be.
says thank you if someone holds the door open.
is part lebanese/part hill-billy.
is lost in wanderlust.
worked on a tall ship in the South Pacific washing dishes.
likes things that are made out of bamboo.
arrives late and leaves early.
is a big-dog person.
has sailed the Grenadines in the Caribbean.
is a proud socialite but a natural recluse.
is a minimalist.
is fashionably sensitive but too cool to care.
conforms to the Apple™ revolution.
watches The Shawshank Redemption whenever it comes on.
wants his own island in the South Pacific like Marlon Brando.
likes things that are made from dark vintage wood.
went to art school.
regrets going to art school.
does a killer Chris Walken impression (among others).
keeps a large shell collection scattered on beaches all over the world.
suffers from progressive OCD.
slept on Dukes of Hazzard sheets when he was a kid.
hates clutter.
swaggers with leadership through visionary approaches.
is trained to smplfy.
wants to meet an Asian person with an Irish accent.
went missing in a Florida K-mart as a child.
had an iguana named Julius.
explored the Fijian island where the movie Castaway was filmed on.
models for romance novel covers.
is sophisticated simplicity.
keeps it wild. Keeps on the path.
spots beauty in the rough.
holds the course.
is the Da Vinci of minutiae.
is the accidental definition of Cult of Personality.
has gone walkabout for his personal legend.
agrees it's more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy ~ Steve Jobs.

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